How To Stay a Competitive Athlete After 50

Now - I’m not an athlete but I kind of was one back when I was a dancer & choreographer. Oh so many years ago. I’m far from that now. But I do have to try and stay in shape. Although, right now I’m probably the most out of shape I’ve been. Christmas did me in weight wise. However I’m trying to clean that up. This week I’ve been going to the gym every other day but will get up to 5 days a week. Today as I write this it’s freezing out - really freezing - and I can’t get myself to put on workout clothes and I’m not up for a big fight. Tomorrow it’s Zumba. Regardless, this article is an important reminder that our bodies don’t stop working after 50 and still in fact can thrive.

6 steps to help you stay a competitive athlete in your 50s and beyond

Considerable | Mariko Zapf

I spent the first four decades of my life largely sedentary. As a child, I was the skinny kid on the sidelines with glasses and a back brace.