Reverse Aging With Diet and Exercise

This research is not necessarily new but it’s worth repeating. I find for me - as I have gotten older - my inspiration to exercise has wained a bit. Maybe that’s why I’ve posted a number of these types of articles.

Right now I’m hungry. I’ve decided to try Intermittent Fasting to help recover my body after the holidays. So that means eating between 12-8pm or 1-9pm. And the rest is a fast which isn’t bad if you think that 8 hrs of that time you’re sleeping. Well that’s what I said last night before I went to bed. Today is the first day so I just have to get used to the idea of not immediately eating when I feel hungry. LOL

New Research Confirms The Role That Diet and Exercise Play In Reversing Aging

Daily Wellness Pro | Marilyn

Study after study applaud the part that healthy eating and exercise play in encouraging healthy aging. Past research highlights that exercise and a balanced diet can boost cognitive well-being among neurologically ill patients as well.