Satisfaction With Single Life Increases Over Time

Little behind getting some posts up. Woking on a memorial montage for a client. So of course it makes me think about life in general. And to appreciate what I do have right now in my life.

This was an interesting article to find. Like a needle in a haystack. This article about single life getting better with age didn’t surprise me really. I’m a happy single person. Is it because I still believe I could meet someone? Don’t need to but could happen. Is it because I was married so thats been taken off one of life’s to-do items? Joking of course on it being a to-do. I’m much more comfortable with myself and that happens with age. You get wiser and get to know who you are and actually enjoy time by yourself. Yeah there’s that whole procreation thing that goes on and needs to happen and that is why of course mating needs to be done. For some. Which would take us into another direction of how women are viewed if they don’t have children and are single. But that’s above my pay rate.

Single Life Gets Even Better With Age, New Research Shows

Psychology Today | Bella DePaulo, PH.D.

People without romantic partners are often stereotyped and stigmatized. But if you go by how they really feel about their lives, rather than how other people assume they feel, the story of single life looks very different.