Would You Wear Your Age on Your Sleeve?

This article is great and at the same time gives me anxiety. Well I take that back. I’m so much less uptight about talking about my age then I was 5 months ago. The change is that I’m not doing stand-up right now - where I’m surrounded by 20-year-olds. So not wanting to be the old lady in the room I just kept my age a secret. No one wants to listen to a 57 year old - Right? The entertainment world is just one big bowl of ageism. But if I ever go back and try it again I won’t be hiding.

Chico's Asks Women To Wear Their Age

MediaPost | Sarah Mahoney

Chico’s, the women’s specialty retailer, is taking its “How bold are you?” campaign one step further, asking women to post their age in a new social media push. The new video stars 58-year-old Lee Woodruff, an author and entrepreneur…