Jamie Lee Curtis Talks About Self Confidence

I’ve always loved Jamie Lee Curtis. And most of the tips she give here are really good. But I disagree with regards to “Stay the course”. Especially when it comes to marriage. Yes I am divorced. No one should stay in a marriage if you’re truly not happy. It’s this one life and if you want to live to your fullest it’s up to you. Just don’t jump at the first sign of trouble - do your best. That’s all you can do.

Jamie Lee Curtis Spills Her Inspiring Confidence Secrets

Good Housekeeping | Amy Spencer

On the 40th anniversary of her debut in Halloween, the actress reflects on her iconic career in Hollywood. Jamie Lee Curtis is smart, confident and, on the brink of turning 60, throwing herself into more projects than ever. She stars this month in the newest (sixth) chapter of the iconic horror franchise Halloween….