Some Grandmothers Getting Tattoos After 70

I like seeing tattoos on people.  For the most part I think or hope they have some special meaning for them.  I have to think getting a tattoo later in life would certainly have so much more meaning then what you would choose at 30.  There was a time not that long ago I thought about getting a tattoo. Thought about.  However I feel I don't know what I would want - I feel I've lived lots of lives here in NYC.  Where to begin? 

These badass grandmas are getting inked after 70

New York Post  |  Zachary Kussin

Like any person who just got their first tattoo, Paula Booth-Ellis feels proud to show off her ink. The retired guidance counselor, who lives in New Jersey and got her ink in February, knows she’s a little unusual. “What woman at 79 years old gets tattooed?”