Celebrate Getting Older! What?

This reminds me of an episode from “Sex In The City” where Carrie for reasons I won’t go into - says to a specific person she’s going to marry herself and there is one gift in her registry which of course are Manolo Blahnik shoes. And she notices that as a single woman she’s cheated out of gifts from all the events like a wedding shower and wedding and baby showers & baby first birthday etc) that she would receive if she wasn’t single.

I think it would be terrific to celebrate our age. But it’s also kind of brave. But if enough of us did it…. Who wants to go first?

We're getting older: Time to party!

Norwalk Reflector | DEBBIE LEFFLER

There are many rites of passage that involve a ceremonial party where those who attend eat, celebrate and bring gifts for the person who is making a life transition. The events that fit this description are baby showers…