Let's Meet at the Menopause Cafe

What a great idea!  I was lucky and didn't have a hard time with mine.  I think it's because I sweated a lot anyway and had the mood swings.  Nothing seemed different.  LOL  But I have on occasion found it difficult to be free with the "word" because it does have a "meaning".  Well I used to put a meaning on it.  I'd joke in my stand-up saying oh this must be what menopause feels like. Inferring of course that I wasn't there yet.  Lie. 

The last taboo: Menopause cafes hope to enable more women to talk about experiences

Sunday Post  |  Alison Kirker

Outside the venue in Perth, she saw a woman looking a bit lost and asked if she was looking for it. “Yes, I am,” she said. “But I couldn’t ask for it downstairs… I couldn’t say that word.” That moment alone convinced Rachel that there must surely be a need for the event she was running. Even in 2018, some people – both men and women – find it hard to say the word menopause, never mind discuss it openly.