What Is a Mid-Life Crisis Like For Women?

This isn't the first article I read where "they" say women  are faced with challenges, whether age identity wise or professional, when they hit the 45-60 age range.  I guess it makes sense.  You're in the awkward stage not knowing where you fit in.  LOL Seriously though - you're not a "Miss" anymore and you also don't feel like a "Mame".   Although you are.  Or I am.  I cringe when the cashier at Fairway calls me Mame.  I better get over that one.  : )

Is this it? Women and the modern mid-life crisis

The Irish Times  |  Tanya Sweeney

The 45-60 age bracket is a time in life when women are often at their most vulnerable. Question: if you’re a woman of a certain age, what was the point where you realised, almost as if it had happened overnight and when you weren’t looking, you had moved from young to not-so-young?