The Age You Feel Is What Counts

I definitely feel younger than my age.  Sometimes I'm slightly embarrassed by it - since I haven't accomplished things my peers have at this age.   Our culture has set up milestones that confirm to the world you are an adult.  And the image used to be after 60 you quiet down.  But that isn't what women are doing.  The number means less and less.  There is a lot of power to know that there can be a whole new 2nd life if you want it. 

The Age You Feel Means More Than Your Birthdate

BBC   |  David Robson

Imagine, for a moment, that you had no birth certificate and your age was simply based on the way you feel inside. How old would you say you are? Like your height or shoe size, the number of years that have passed since you first entered the world is an unchangeable fact