Sixty and Beyond: Female Pop Stars Still Kicking Ass

While I know celebs are a completely different animal when it comes to having the means (nutritionists, botox, hair & makeup etc.) to make it easier to keep the looks alive.  But also there is more pressure and tons of younger stars.  What do you want to be?  Staying visible may take a little extra work but if it makes you happy - work it girl. 

Madonna at 60: Female pop stars entering their seventh decade are not just rocking – they're snarling

The Independent  |  David Lister

In most professions, women of a certain age are invisible. But there is one area where the older woman is thriving. In the week that Madonna turns 60, David Lister applauds the 60-something females who are gliding into pensionable age, with fan bases, voices, charisma and sexiness intact.