Just Age Gracefully - NOT

It's not news that women aren't allowed to grow old gracefully.  But I appreciate this article for addressing it.  I would hate to be in the movie & media business because the pressure has to be painful.  I think things are shifting slightly or at least attempts are being made to highlight women over 50 in ads and some movies.  Let's hope this trend is not a trend and an evolving mindset. 

The Problem With Telling Women To Age Gracefully Is That We Don't Appear To Mean It

Refinery 29  |  Nicola Appleton

Women who age under the scrutiny of the public eye are faced with two options: grow old gracefully ­(and by that, I obviously mean age like Jennifer Lopez or Cindy Crawford and don’t age at all) or shuffle off into obscurity. If you deviate from this playbook, you'll be tried in the court of public opinion, presided over by the right honourable Mail Online.