Listen Up You Youngins - Experience Does Matter

There seems to be so many articles about keeping the older workforce now.  The problem is clear that age discrimination is going on everyday.  These article are sometimes inspiring to read  but it's the young people that should be reading them.  They need to know that experience does matter.  That people over 50 can learn and keep up with them.  This article is taken from a blog at Knowledge which claims to be "The Business School to the World".  Interesting.  

Science: Why the Adage 'You Can't Teach an Old Dog New Tricks' Isn't True in Business

Inc.  |  Jessica Stillman

Yes, age discrimination exists, but so do a ton of studies to encourage older folks dreaming of a new path. Say you find yourself deep into middle age or even closing in on retirement but dissatisfied with your career (or involuntarily pushed by circumstance to find a new line of work).