What Aging Means to These Hollywood Stars

While these ladies do pimp themselves out for beauty brands that makes claims that we know aren't very true but they had some good things to say that made it worth it for me to post.  A couple of my favorites were from Jane Fonda about getting older that - That you have to be brave and not invested in what you used to look like.  Also like when asked her the secret she said attitude and posture.  That standing up tall keeps you looking forward and curious. Any thoughts friends?  

Jane Fonda, Helen Mirren and Julianne Moore on the secrets of ageless style

The Telegraph   |  Celia Walden

As Jane Fonda, Helen Mirren and Julianne Moore lend their faces to L’Oréal’s Age Perfect range, they talk exclusively about their perceptions of ageing and finds out why they’re feeling more creative and confident than ever.