All Grown Up? How Did This Happen?

I am all grown up.  Physically that it.  It's taken me a little bit of time to get used to the idea but I'm coming around the bend.  My state of mind is much younger fortunately or unfortunately. My bank account can tell you that answer.  In my 40's I was always so relieved to find an article or stories about women who were still going strong towards their dreams after 50.  That a number was just that.  Reassuring me that some big gate wasn't coming down after I blew out my 50 candles.  The clocked ticked on and low and behold now I'm someone who should be passing on the good word.   

Author Pamela Druckerman Grows Up, Then Tries to Figure Out How It Happened

WUWM  |  Laura Keene & Michael Teich

As a child, author Pamela Druckerman often envisioned adults as astronauts and scientists – people with highly-technical, labor-intensive careers and responsibilities. “Grownups had this kind of wisdom, insight and discernment, an ability to wrap their heads around social dynamics and conversations,” says Druckerman.