Over 60 And Refusing To Be Invisible

This is fun!  My one complaint with this article is that a lot of women over 60 aren't necessarily walking slow or feel they want to be referred to as Seniors.  I'd say the age for entry should be 70.  Sixty is much different than it was before.  But my opinion aside since I'm closer to 60 than 50 (projection anyone?) it's a way to have fun with aging and making sure that you're not invisible.  And that's up to us to make sure of it.  Thoughts? 

Over 60 and dripping in sequins — these women refuse to be invisible

The Washington Post  |  Ellen McCarthy

Want your grandma to recede into a quiet existence? Knit a few sweaters, cook Sunday dinners and spend the rest of her time in a rocking chair? Want her to vanquish her true self — her passions and needs and desires — in order to keep the peace and serve the family?