Large Numbers of Black Women Running for Office in Alabama

This is exciting.  I find it so hard to keep positive or even on an even keel these days with the political world.  I keep telling myself to stop watching the news.  But I keep doing it like an addict.  I think it's  because I want to hear others say what I'm thinking and feeling about the divide in the country right now.  There is comfort in wallowing together sometimes.   So I'm always heartened when an inspiring article of women that are making change.  With women like this I feel we'll be ok.

'It's Our Time': Meet 18 Candidates Leading the Historic Rise of Black Women Running for Office in Alabama

Glamour  |  Jamia Wilson

Before Black Panther celebrated the all-­female freedom fighters of Wakanda, real-life black women formed their own type of special-forces unit in Alabama. When a whopping 98 percent of African American women voters united behind Doug Jones, they were able to elect him as the first Democrat to represent Alabama in the U.S. Senate in more than 20 years.