First Female President of the New York Stock Exchange

When I read an article like this I'm in awe of how much there is to learn of women that have pioneered through male dominated businesses.  Maybe in this instance it's because I wasn't a finance student.  Muriel Siebert wasn't a name I ever heard of.  When I work on this blog somedays I just want to dig and dig and find every story of women like Stacey Cunningham, like Muriel Siebert or many others.  Since the stock market rules the world the appointment of Cunningham to President is big.  

Fifty years after a woman first joined the New York Stock Exchange, it finally has its first female president

Quartz  |  John Detrixheqz

The New York Stock Exchange, which has roots that go back two centuries, will soon get its first female president when Stacey Cunningham takes the role. The chief operating officer’s promotion to the top job puts her in the same league as Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman, meaning two of the biggest and highest-profile US stock exchanges will be run by women.