The Ad World Needs More Female Founders

This is such a good article.  Chalk full of interesting bits to get you all revved up to fight.  These were a couple of things that shocked me. 

"In 2017, women received just 2 percent of all the funds flowing from venture capital investors. The share drops close to zero for women of color".

"According to Fast Company, nearly half of women dream of starting their own business but only 12 percent think it's even possible, and an even smaller smidgen actually do it."

Any of this shock you?????  I would love to read your comments below.  : )

We are the 0.1%; Why the Ad World Needs More Female Founders

Ad Age  |   Mira Kaddoura

In a post-Gustavo Martinez, #metoo age, we still see headlines that proclaim that advertising remains a boys' club – to which every semi-sentient being says, "Well, no shit." One CEO's fall from grace is not going to change a culture that has always favored men over women. But we – the women in this industry who know it can rise to become so much more...