Why More Women Are Staying Single

I should move to Australia and be amongst my people  Women that have become happier since being single.  Mind you I still would like a good relationship but I'm not in search of one.  I don't even really know how you do the "in search" part.  Although in full disclosure lol I know right now I'm totally blocked when it comes to meeting someone.  I'm a bit in tough (I don't need anyone) mode.  That's a whole other discussion - I mean therapy session.  How was or is single life for you? What was the length of time?  I would love to read your comments below. : )

'I don't yearn for someone to complete me': Why more women are staying single

ABC.net  |  Olivia Willis

Jane Mathews has been single for eight years. "Everyone sees it as a temporary thing, like I'm in some sort of a holding pattern on my way to the sunny heights of coupledom," she said. But for Jane, 57, coupledom is not the end goal.