Is This the Chance to Ban the Term "Anti-Aging'?

I wonder if this could really happen.  Since so much of our advertising is fear based - how would the companies compete?  The desire to stay young looking is the hot point. Which is so mean really since we can't stop the clock.  And how do we fight society's obsession?  I guess not trying to fight it.  That doesn't mean giving in - it just means being our best in all aspects of our lives.  A well rounded person would be a thing to aspire to.  Face cream for the well rounded person.  I'm on the phone to Clinque right now.  I would love to read your thoughts below.  : ) 

This could be the beginning of the end of the term ‘anti-aging’

The Loop  |  Lisa Felepchuk 

Some events are inevitable. Taxes, wrinkles, and death, for example, come for everyone in the end. Yet some people (and brands) still do their very best to avoid the unavoidable, especially when it comes to the physical effects of aging. It’s young forever or bust!