When Older Women Revolt Against the #Metoo Movement

I thought this was an interesting one.  I know when some of the reports came out about people like Al Franken - I was very 'oh come on - he was just kidding around'.  That's what comics do - they push the envelop.  And I still feel that way with him.  I just couldn't feel the anger that others were feeling about his actions.  Maybe for me it is an age thing - not being shocked by certain behavior.  But also being a comic.    My friend Robyn Hatcher was on GMA with a group of over 50s and Millennials discussing how each saw simple things like someone complementing your appearance.  I found it really fascinating.  I would so love to hear your thoughts below.  : )  

Meet the Older Women in the Revolt Against #Metoo

Spiked Online   |  Ella Whelan

If there’s one thing today’s feminists hate more than the patriarchy, it’s older feminists who contradict their claims about everyday sexism. #MeToo took off after various accusations were made against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein.

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