Warning Signs of a Heart Attack Might Not Be What You Think

So this is scary.  And I don't think we hear about this enough.  I don't even know if there is one ad on TV referencing it.  It's weird even when I go to the American Heart Association the description they have when I clicked on the page Warning Signs of a Heart Attack - are just the symptoms we all associate with heart attacks - the male version.  They don't even distinguish the two sexes differences.  Would you be able right now to list what are the signs if you were having a heart attack?  This is serious business and I'd love to read your comments below.  : )

Heart attack warning signs for women: I nearly missed all of them

ABC.net  |   Natasha Johnson

I thought the doctors were over-reacting, which in hindsight, seems stupid. If not for their caution, I mightn't still be here. I was convinced the dull ache that came on during exercise across the top of my chest and shoulder blades, occasionally spreading to my neck and jaw, was just more strain and pain from slumping over my computer.