Finding Your 'North Star'

I feel like I've had a few Northern Stars.  It started with wanting to be a modern dancer.   That kept me sweating it out and trying to not let constant criticism from my teachers and myself take me down.  Which didn't.  My recent Northern Star has been this website. I want to bring information and inspiration to women like myself, who as we get older, look for good words and encouragement that remind us that there is still so much more out there to do.  Do you have a Northern Star?  Is it one that needs to be uncovered or just dusted off?  I would love to read your comments below.  : )

How To Find And Follow A 'North Star' For Your Career

Forbes  |  Elana Gross

Anna Maria Chávez has had a consistent ‘North Star’ driving her career path – a commitment to public service. "My experience growing up in a working-class neighborhood in rural Arizona instilled in me a passion for public service at an early age.