Strong Women With Strong Opinions

This article give an overview of each of 5 the Five Books.  I rarely read but a few of them seem worth going to Amazon.   Here are the titles.

  • What Would Virginia Woolf Do?: And Other Questions I Ask Myself as I Attempt to Age Without Apology, Nina Lorez Collins

  • Gloria’s Voice: The Story of Gloria Steinem — Feminist, Activist, Leader, Aura Lewis

  • Bygone Badass Broads: 52 Forgotten Women Who Changed the World, Mackenzi Lee, Abrams, illustrations by Petra Eriksson

  • Sharp: The Women Who Made an Art of Having an Opinion, Michelle Dean

  • What Would Dolly Do? How to Be a Diamond in a Rhinestone World, Lauren Marino, Grand Central

Five new books about strong women with big opinions

Toronto Star  |   Sarah Murdoch

Some strong women with big opinions take a stand in these new titles