Jane Fonda is a Warrior

Jane Fonda is a warrior.  Although growing up I didn't really follow her.   She didn't frequent the movies I saw.  The Godfather I, II and unfortunately III.  Diane Keaton was more my person.  But I just adore Fonda in Grace and Frankie!  She is ballsy, funny and beautiful.  I know she has had work done.  It's good work for sure.  Whatever makes you feel empowered is how I think.  It's a drag that women aren't really "allowed to get look old"  - you know what I mean.  I know seeing new wrinkles is never fun but it has to be 100 times at least harder if you're in the public eye.  

Jane Fonda was right all along

The Outline  |   Niko Maragos

Now in the middle of a late period resurgence, it seems quaint that she was ever pilloried for her political views. By 1988, Tom Hayden had come a long way from his radical youth, but his burgeoning political career would not go as far as he had planned.