Diane von Furstenberg is Ready for Her Third Act

I never owned a wrap dress.  I wanted to but never found a knock off that looked good on me.  I'm assuming a real Diane von Furstenberg would do the trick.  Incredibly lucky to have a third act for sure.  While I really like this description of her  "Von Furstenberg isn’t rude. She’s persistent and unapologetic. She is a wise woman, and this is her third act.." I wondered why there was a woman to pass the company onto?

‘I became an icon. Now I want to be an oracle’: Diane von Furstenberg is ready for her third act.

The Washington Post  |  Robin Givhan

NEW YORK — After more than 45 years in fashion, Diane von Furstenberg has been looking for a graceful exit. She is 71, and she has designed a lot of frocks. But the one that matters most is the classic wrap dress, a few yards of slinky jersey that manage to flatter not all but most figures.