Female Firefighters are real life American Heroes

I loved finding this article.  Lots of insights and there is the story of the first black female firefighter.  I often think about female policewomen and assume how hard their job must be in that world.  But I don't usually think about female firefighters.  I guess it's because I never see them when I'm checking out the firetrucks screaming by.  It's such a macho world.  But their sense of purpose is stronger than what these men must sling at them.  These women are definitely heroes.  Comments are always welcome below.  : )

Female firefighters defy old ideas of who can be an American hero

The Conversation  |  Lorraine Dowler

Five women graduated from New York City’s Fire Academy on April 18, bringing the number of women serving in the Fire Department of New York to 72 – the highest in its history.

The FDNY’s 2018 graduating class also includes the first son to follow his mother into the profession. She was one of the 41 women hired in 1982 after the department lost a gender discrimination lawsuit and was ordered to add qualified women to the force.