Midlife Career Choices Don't Have To Be Drastic

This is a super interesting article from many angles for me.  I have wanted to transition into Project Management.  Which I understand will be changing it's title to Delivery Manager - or something like that.  I was hoping to find my way into PM through my video production expertise but haven't had a lot of success getting the interview.  Or I have had the interview and they have gone with a more Jr. person.  I know it makes it harder since I've been out of the "work force" for 5 years.  I was freelancing with my  business.  But have been looking for some security.  Ha Ha Right.   So while I send out resumes  I'm forging ahead with my own company - To Be Reel video production company since we all must work.  Whether I've hit my midlife career change - I don't know but whatever is happening I'm taking it one day at a time.  I love all things video so at least I'm in the love zone.  

A midlife career change doesn’t have to be drastic — just a more fun version of your current life

Market Watch  |  Paul Brandus

If you want to reinvent yourself in mid-career, do something that makes you happy. Usually the older you get, the tougher it is to find a new job. But the job market is hot now, and that’s making it easier for folks in the middle-to-late stage of their career to find new work.

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