8 Things You're Never To Old For

Having the right and confidence to do and say what we want.  Isn't that the payoff of reaching this age?  There definitely has to be something.  People are always going to make rules because they can.  And everyone is an expert.  I've earned every desire and inspiration I still have.  I have always followed rules - the "good girl".  Ugh.  Now is my chance to take ahold of the upcoming years to do what I never have been able to truly do before now.   Make choices and not give a fuck.  I'll keep you posted how I'm doing.  So what about you?  I would love to read your comments below. : ) 

8 things you’re never too old for – from high heels to internet slang

The Telegraph UK  |  Bibi Lynch

I was beautifully trolled on Twitter last week – I expect  I had criticised bread, or something – and this kid went straight in on the age-based insults. ‘Judging by your sunglasses,’ they tweeted, ‘you’re trying to be “trendy”. Let it go. Go do some gardening.