Women Over 50 Are Bringing it to the Table

This is a great quick  read since it's affirming that all is not lost after 50.  LOL  But seriously - it's difficult sometimes to see your worth with all the young kids in your view.  I'm actually looking for work myself as a video producer and worry about my age influencing their decision.  There  was one job I didn't get because the hired a "more junior producer."  So it's good to know that years of experience actually still means something to some businesses.  You and your thoughts?  I'd love to read them below.  : )

Here's What Women Over 50 Bring To The Conference Table

Forbes  |  Kerri Zane

Many women believe that once they reach a certain age, the world of business opportunities shrinks to nil. Ageism feels real, and there are stats to back the claim. But, there is also a trend in the work/age dynamic happening that will shift your perspective and possibilities.