Older Female Founders Can Unlock Trillions of Dollars

I love to find an article like this one since it just reinforces why I'm curating this site.  There are so many great and amazing things that older women are creating and making happen.  And there are  women out there that want to have options in all kinds of areas and new adventures.  And it's older women that understand that.  Get it going ladies!  Have an idea of something to start up?  What is holding you back?  Love to read your comments below.  : )

We All Need Older Female Founders, And They Can Unlock Trillion Of Dollars

Forbes  |  Kitty Knowles

The startup world is obsessed with youth. But groundbreaking new ideas don’t have to come from those in their twenties. In fact, quite the opposite is true. In the U.S., women over 55 have a net worth of $19 trillion, suggests market research firm Pretty Little Head.