Waiting to Get Your Tattoo?

I'm so excited to read this.  I've thought about getting a tattoo for awhile now.  Well yes after 40.  I don't know what I would want yet.  Which is weird I guess to think you want ink on your body but don't know what you want.  What is it about a tattoo that attracts me?  Maybe some it rebellion, something people wouldn't think I would (miss goody 2-shoes) do.  For sure there is a part in that.  Just like when people find out I drink tequila.  Is there rocker woman hidden inside me?  hmmm gotta give this some thought.   And your thoughts?  Would love to read below. : )

First tattoo over 40: Why these women waited to get inked

Today  |  Megan O. Steintrager

From bonding with their kids to celebrating weight loss, four women explain why they got their first tattoos after they turned 40. If you were to picture a woman who just got her first tattoo, do you picture someone barely out of their teens or a 40-something with kids of her own?