Why I'm Not Hiding My Age

Since I'm like… 17 years older than Ms Barrueco this piece struck some cord in me. Annoyed. Five years difference in a love relationship isn't really much these days.  Ask  Brigette  Macron.  And the other part that bothered me was that it seemed to me she was ok turning 40 in big part BECAUSE she had accomplished so much of what she wanted.  It was all too nicely wrapped.  How do feel about age if  haven't achieved so much of what you wanted by 40 or 50?  It doesn't always work out so neatly.  It may not turn out how you thought it would.  Some of us are "Late Bloomers." I am for sure.  But my hope is that each milestone becomes a celebration that we're still going for it.  Whatever your "it" might be.  I obviously have a lot of feelings around this so let's talk below in the comments section. : ) 

Observer  |  Jules Barrueco

“When’s your birthday?” my husband Al recently asked. “Seriously?!” I said. We’d been together for nine years, and my birthday was just two weeks away. Try harder, said my side-eye. He guessed the right date (on the second try), then confessed, “I don’t know the year.”