Luxury Van Life

This is my dream - really.  At least it would be for a few months out of the year.   Not that I'll be retiring any time soon or anytime.  I'm still hoping my work and life purpose can be one and the same.   

One of the periods I really loved from my earlier life was when I was married and we drove across country.  In full honesty I didn't drive that much of the way - we had a stick shift and he like driving.   Although I did drive into L.A.  Traveling in general brings you back to realizing there are so many different types of people in the world and New Yorkers are the only people on the planet.  What does the idea of van life make you think?  I'd love to read your comments below. : )

Boomers Embrace Luxury Van Life

Wall Street Journal  |  Anne Marie Chaker

Empty nesters and retirees abandon RVs for the freedom and mobility of converted high-end vans. The latest luxury getaway: a van trip. Attracted by Instagram images of a free-spirited, simpler way to travel, older consumers are turning to vans for their trips, while adding the high-end spin they can afford.