5 Strategies to Make Meaningful Connections

I think this article has some good solid advice.  Weirdly for me I think my ability to make friends is better now than when I was a kid.  Maybe it's because I've been doing stand-up and I think that may have opened me up some.  I know I also did identify some people that I really did want to get to know better and would suggest coffee or a drink.  It is worth it to take that risk of asking. Also I'm single (right now LOL) so I know that has given me the time to really invest into these friendships.  Is there someone you'd like to become friends with?  Could you ask them out for coffee?  I would love to read your comments below.  : )

How to Make Friends as an Adult

NBC News | Danielle Page

Remember how easy it was to make friends when you were a kid? You'd pick a classmate to share some crayons with and before you knew it, you were buddies. Play dates were coordinated courtesy of your parents, transportation included. Not to mention, save for school and soccer practice, your calendar was wide open for bonding time.