Learn to Use 'Power Language' to Get Ahead

I know I'm a big offender of this.  I guess it's because I always wanted to be 'liked' so that has made me package my opinions and questions in a way that doesn't threaten the other person or persons.  Ugh.  Occasionally I actually hear myself say one of those statements - it's disturbing - but I just keep trying to get better.   Is this something you struggle with?  If not - was it just something you never did or did you learn how to overcome it?  I would love to see your comments below.  : )

Women, Use 'Power Language' To Speak Up, Stand Out And Get Ahead

Forbes  |  Margie Warrell

Ever find yourself using the phrase “Correct me if I’m wrong, but… ?” or talking down your achievements. It’s time to stop. Women often undermine their power by speaking in “out of power ways.” How you speak — from the words you use to how you string them together— makes a huge impact on how you’re perceived which, in turn, profoundly impacts the influence you build, doors you open, and the success of your career (among other things!)