Barbara Bush and her I-Am-What-I Am Attitude

I wasn't a fan of Barbara Bush.  But that was because she was the wife of George Bush and mother to George W.   I'm embarrassed to say but my thoughts dangled a lot like some of the general public during that time.  'Why not color your hair?  Don't let yourself look older than your husband.'    I'd like to think my mean thoughts were because she was the wife of the President Bush.  But don't think I can honestly admit that.  Also gray hair now is so different than it was then.  Then it was really really brave.  

I got a bit of a good history lesson on Barbara after her death since I watch a lot of news.   She really didn't care what others thought of her and she had the I-am-who-I-Am type of confidence. In some ways I wish she had shared that part of herself with us  but I guess she had better things to do like being the wife and mother to two presidents.  Why do you think women judge each other so much?  I'd love to ready your answers below. : ) 

Barbara Bush made Americans take her on her own undyed terms

The Washington Post  |  Ann Grimes

Older than other first ladies, she shrugged off the “dinosaur” label and pressed on. As first lady, Barbara Bush championed literacy, the “cause” for which she is best known. Her true cause, however, was the I-am-what-I-am attitude that quietly cleared a path for how women of a certain age in the public sphere could thrive on their own terms.