Six Things to Help Success in the Workplace

I wasn't exactly sure whether to post this.  Because after listening to the podcast with Kara Swisher (I did skip ahead a bit) I don't know if I learned anything new.  Lipman sites a number of studies that really just reinforces my "so that's why women are treated like that".  One study that I did find interesting is that Mother's overestimate how far a baby boy can crawl.  While she with underestimate how far a baby girl can crawl.  Do you have any tips to share?  Would love to read your comments below. : )

Six things we can do today to help women succeed in the workplace

Recode  |  Eric Johnson

“That’s What She Said” author Joanne Lipman shares what she has learned about discrimination and the failures of “diversity training,” on Recode Decode. The inspiration for journalist Joanne Lipman’s new book came in part from an unsuspecting businessman on an airplane to Des Moines. He and Lipman were sitting next to each other, having a nice conversation, until he asked why she was flying to Iowa.