Finding a Groove & Setting an Example

There is lots of good out there.  I have to remind myself all the times these days.  When reading this you forget how committed you have to be as a child when you aren't on the same path as your friends.  I love that these two talented girls had each other for backup.  Favorite sentence. "She didn't allow things to happen to her. She made them happen.."  Perseverance.  

Conductor Marshunda Smith finding a groove, setting an example

Times Free Press  |  Barry Courter

Music has always been a part of Marshunda Smith's life, so it is no surprise that it would become her vocation. Still, she says it surprises some new acquaintances to hear she is a cellist and symphony conductor. Smith lives and works in Boston, where she has conducted the North Shore Philharmonic Orchestra and co-founded the No-Name Orchestra.