Vicki Lawrence is Back with MaMa

This is a quick little article about Vicki Lawrence's whereabouts since her talk show which didn't do well.  Things got tough when she reached 40.  Regardless of her age which 40 is nothing -  I think it would be hard to go out doing your own thing after being a part of a historical show.  I personally didn't think Lawrence was half as talented as Carol Burnett.  But then again Carol Burnett is a national treasure.  Did you watch the Carol Burnett show?  I would love to read your comments below.  : ) 

Vicki Lawrence reveals mentor Carol Burnett turned down breakout role of ‘Mama’

Villages-News  |  Tony Violanti

Showbiz was easy for Vicki Lawrence, until she hit an emotional brick wall in her 40s. She was a teenage star with Carol Burnett. She topped the record charts with “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia.” She created the character Mama and turned her into a lifetime comedy gig. Lawrence, with the girl next door looks, radiant personality and comic gifts, had it made.