Some Science That You're Only as Old as You Think

Since I spend a lot of time doing standup I'm around kids that could all be my children.  The only time it irritates me is when one of them will refer to an older woman and they said "she had to be about 50"   But I know it's not their fault to see people over 40 as a whole other world.  I definitely feel younger than I am.  So for awhile actually not that long ago when someone outed me as middle aged I felt so embarrassed.  Like I was trying to hide it.  He saw my secret.  LOL It's just the term middle-age sounds old.  But I don't see that word going away anytime soon.  But attitude is proving scientifically to be important.  It's not just all in our head.  We're on to something.  

Cliches about only being as old as you feel are starting to have scientific backing

The Washington Post  |  Marlene Cimons

We’ve heard all the cliches about aging: “You’re as young [or old] as you feel.” “Age is just a number.” “You’re not getting older, you’re getting better.” “Seventy is the new 50.” Well-intentioned, perhaps. Offensive, to some. Patronizing, to be sure. But could they be true?