Judith Light Opens Up About Past Struggles

The original title of this article is slightly misleading. It's a lot of how Judith Light lives her life, what beauty is to her and her acting career.  I just had to add this note since this is a fuller article than just eating issues.  She has had a great career and I was always so happy to see her on L&O SVU where she was a tough ass.  This is a nice positive article.   Always love comments. : )

Judith Light Opens Up About her Former Struggles with Emotional Eating

InStyle  |  Laura Brown

The picture above, in my humble opinion, tells you everything you need to know about Judith Light. Fearless, fashionable, casual, charismatic as hell, and—damn it—she’s bendy to boot. Light’s flexibility extends to her unparalleled television, film, and stage career in which she’s earned two Tony Awards (for Other Desert Cities and The Assembled Parties) and a pair of Daytime Emmys (for One Life to Live).