Bobbi Brown is Kicking Ageism's Ass

This is just a good article too read for inspiration.  So just read it.  And you might say yeah she was already well known.  We're not just talking about Bobbi Brown ladies.  LOL  I dare you to comment below. : )

Inspiring Women Like Bobbi Brown are kicking ageism ass

Moneyish  | Jeanette Settembre

Real women tell Moneyish how they renewed their careers over age 40 — and they’re joined by celebs like Bobbi Brown and Nicole Kidman. Women over 40 are having major career moments. Makeup mogul Bobbi Brown, who launched her namesake cosmetics empire in 1991, announced on Monday she’s getting back in the game with Beauty Evolution, a beauty and wellness company coupled with justBOBBI, an editorial site.