Aging Gracefully Has Another Meaning For Maria Shriver

******** In this article is says Maria Shriver is the niece of John F. Kennedy, Jr.  which you all know she is his Aunt.  Must have been written by a millennial.  I tweeted @HauteLivingMag but so far  no changes. 

This is an important quick read.   Aging gracefully isn't just about how you look but also how our brain ages is what Maria Shriver highlights in her panel "It's About Our Brains."  Check to see if you're doing enough to keep your brain healthy.  

Aging Gracefully Has New Meaning: Maria Shriver Shares 7 Ways To Thrive With Age

Haute Living  |  Laura Schreffler

Maria Shriver wants you to get a move on—not physically, but mentally. The former First Lady of California (her ex-husband is former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger; she is also the niece******* of former president John F. Kennedy, Jr.) is the founder of the Alzheimer’s Movement, a global alliance of individuals, organizations, researchers, foundations, influencers and industry leaders committed to finding out why Alzheimer’s discriminates against women.