Hoda Kotb - Things Happen Right on Time

Hoda Kotb is such a relatable person.  She was a hard news reporter initially and then ended up on the fourth hour of The Today Show with Kathie Lee.  And then now as co-anchor for The Today Show.  When you see all that and read about what a self doubter she was of herself it's good to know that there is hope for self doubters.  She has made her way through her insecurities to a great life.  And now with a baby.  Love to hear your comments below. : )

Hoda Kotb on Becoming a Mother in her 50s: 'Things Happen Right on Time'

Today  |   Hoda Kotb 

As co-anchor of TODAY and co-host of the Fourth Hour (not to mention,mom to Haley Joy), Hoda Kotb certainly has her hands full! Kotb opened up to TODAY Style about how staying true to herself — even when difficult — is the secret to her success.