The Kickboxer Who Empowers Saudi Women

This is cool.   With a Saudi Father and American Mother, Al-Hamrani was able discover beyond the religious and patriarchal culture of her country.  College took her to San Diego where she studied International Affairs and by chance found Kickboxing.  You'd think she might have decided to stay.  But she brought back empowerment to the women of Saudi Arabia in the form of kickboxing. I just love this story.  : )

The Kickboxer Who Is Empowering Saudi Women By Teaching Them To Fight

Deadspin  |  Karim Zidan

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia’s port city on the Red Sea, serves as a commercial hub full of beach resorts and sights, as well as a gateway into the Islamic cities of Mecca and Medina. Several kilometres inland from the Red Sea, with its breathtaking coral reefs, is the Al Rawdah district, where a private, all-women gym tries to remain concealed from prying eyes.