Arab Israeli women move forward in education & job market

I found this super interesting.  Even that after becoming a citizen you identify as an Arab Israeli.  I guess it makes sense that if you're Arab and live in Israel and you would still want to keep your heritage.  Interesting since I'm half Lebanese I am well aware of the emotions around settlement etc.  (I don't go there)  I like the whole idea - feels the closest to peace there has been.   So I'm thinking if I become an American citizen I may call myself a Canadian American.  I like to keep my heritage too.  : )

Arab Israeli women make inroads in education, job market, study says

The Times of Israel  |  Shoshanna Solomon
Arab Israeli women are gradually managing to close the educational and employment gaps with Jewish Israeli women, a new study shows, but the researchers say still more work needs to be done. The study, by Taub Center researcher Hadas Fuchs, with the assistance of Tamar Friedman-Wilson, shows that the percentage of Arab Israeli women succeeding on the bagrut (matriculation) exam surpasses that of Arab Israeli men, and is approaching that of non-ultra-Orthodox Jewish women.