Book Review: A Glorious Freedom

Ah just the name of this book would make me pick it up.  Funny that I found this on an Arab News site.  But it came out that way in my Google Alerts.  This is a spot on topic right now.  We need to take this ride that is going on - right now! A space has been created for older women and I don't want to let it go.  Are you taking advantage of this cultural moment?  Please comment below -way below. : )

Book Review: Empowering an Older Generation of Women

Arab News | Lisa Kaaki

Old has become a generally negative term. In our consumerist society, where advertising concentrates on youth and beauty, growing older — especially for women — is the great taboo. In her new book, “A Glorious Freedom,” Lisa Congdon brings hope back to all women who are both insulted and frustrated by the disparagement of maturity.