The Woman Who Introduced the Term 'Third Wave Feminism'

I think the body will be hardest wave to get over.  Maybe that is just me.  I luckily just follow friends on Instagram so I'm safe on that front.  So much energy is wrapped up in the worries of what we think people see and think.  And again maybe I should just speak for myself.  And honestly they are for the most part so in their own world to even notice.  This is such a huge subject - where to begin.  What do you do to help yourself when feeling overwhelmed?  Would love to see your comments below. : )

Meet the woman who coined the term 'third wave feminism'

Sydney Morning Hearald | Roqayah Chamseddine

It's not hyperbole to suggest that today's women have grown up completely entrenched in an overwhelming beauty industry that consumes and commodifies every inch of their bodies. The beauty racket is a wide reaching apparatus that extracts from women their every self-conscious “flaw” and subsequently targets them with untenable beauty ideals in return.